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Insight into long lasting lashes

Contrary to popular belief it is not solely up to your lash artist’s technique and their glue that determines the longevity of your lashes – long lasting and damage free lash extensions requires team work on the client’s part post treatment. Here are some factors that will influence the life of your new lashes:

Getting the lashes wet – lashes should not get wet for a minimum of 6 hours (preferably 24 hours) after each appointment. Showering and washing your hair beforehand is a good idea to eliminate the chances of wetting the lashes.

Active lifestyle – gym, hot yoga, and swimming enthusiasts are likely to lose their lashes faster due to the stress placed on the lashes from sweat, steam and water.

Work environment – someone with a highly active job or exposed to a humid environment such as chefs, are likely to lose their lashes faster as the adhesive doesn’t favour strong humidity.

Lash growth cycle – hormones, the stage of your lash growth cycle, and some medication may affect the state of your natural lashes, which will in turn affect how long the extensions will stay on. If your lashes are going through a weak/brittle lash stage, applying a lash serum may help.

Make up routine – if you cannot ditch the mascara, wear waterproof eye make up that is difficult to remove, or stiff lash line tugging eyeliner, chances are lashes will be lost every time you apply and try to remove these products from your eye area. Avoid mascara and waterproof eyeliner for cleaner longer lasting lashes.

Skin type and cleansing routine – the adhesive used for eyelash extensions does not react well with oils, which is why oil-free cleansers are always recommended. Oil blotting paper and powder may help those with naturally oily complexions that find the extensions aren’t lasting as long as they should.  Ensure the eye area is gently cleansed with a water-based cleanser daily; preferably a lathering type using your fingers to avoid getting any lint from cotton pads/tips caught in the lashes.

Other habits - Frequently touching the lashes, rubbing the eyes, sleeping on your face or on one side of the face will also affect how fast the lashes will shed.


Realistically, we can not expect you to change your lifestyle and habits for eyelash extensions, but please bear in mind that many factors outside of your lash stylist’s control affects the longevity of your lashes.

Remember to schedule an infill every 2-4 weeks to ensure your lashes always look full and lush!

What should I look for when choosing a lash salon?

We realise there are hundreds of lash salons to choose from in most capital cities, and sifting through all of them in search of the 'best' one can get daunting. Most of us have heard of horror stories of someone who's had a bad lash experience. Here are some key points you should consider when searching for a lash salon, so you don't become a victim of poorly applied eyelash extensions!

Poorly applied lashes from another salon...painful, clumpy and twisted!

Poorly applied lashes from another salon...painful, clumpy and twisted!

Qualification and experience - nowadays most eyelash extension supplies can be purchased by anyone through eBay and the basic skills of applying eyelash extensions can be learned on Youtube. In fact, anyone can apply lashes.. but it takes years of practice to do it well and in a safe manner. It is recommended that you look for a stylist that has continual training as well. The products and techniques have come a long way since the introduction of eyelash extensions more than a decade ago.

Specialist - eyelash extensions have become so popular in the last few years that most beauty salons and even some nail salons and hairdressers now offer the service. The potential problem with offering lashes in addition to their existing broad range of treatments is that, they don't do it often enough to build their skill set. It's also likely that their product turnover is low and that they may be using outdated, stiff lashes and old glue. This will affect not only the look and feel of the lashes but the longevity and safety. Choosing someone that specialises in eyelash extensions increases the chances of picking a stylist that: has applied hundreds of sets; stocks a wide range of current products to suit your natural lashes and desired look; and is dedicated to perfecting their craft.

Photos - if a lash stylist applies lashes frequently, and they are proud of their work, they should be making photos of their own work available to view. Beware of websites that only display stock images.. it's a telltale sign that they either don't do many sets, or their work is not up to standard. When photos are available, look for lashes that do not look clumpy, are styled well using a variety of lengths, and are not too long or spidery. 

Price - last but definitely not least! We all love a bargain, but with lashes, what you pay for is what you get. Price alone should never be the sole determinant when choosing a place. If a place is advertising their full sets for $50 when others are charging $100 and above, ask yourself why. Maybe they are inexperienced. Perhaps they use inferior products. Their 'full set' may consist of very few lashes and be done in 30 minutes. They may be using cluster lashes or flares, otherwise known as 'express lashes' and wrongly advertising it as semi permanent eyelash extensions. Either way, please do your research and don't risk the safety to your eyes or damaging your natural lashes.

Does your lash stylist fit the bill? If you've had a bad experience with eyelash extensions in the past, or are a newbie to lashes, please remember not all lash salons are created equal! For simply stunning, damage free lashes applied by a lash specialist, book with Tokyo Lashes today on 0411 281 029.

Our work at Tokyo Lashes...soft, full, clump free lashes every time!

Our work at Tokyo Lashes...soft, full, clump free lashes every time!