1. What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions involve a procedure where individual synthetic lashes are carefully attached one by one onto your natural lashes to add length and volume.

2. Why should I get eyelash extensions?

  • You can get the long, thick, dark lashes that you’ve always dreamed of
  • Makes your eyes look more lifted, defined and bigger
  • It looks and feels natural
  • Spend less time applying makeup
  • No need for mascara that can smudge or look clumpy
  • Sleep, shower, swim, and exercise as usual
  • Pain free procedure

3. How long do the eyelash extensions last for?

Ideally, eyelash extensions should last for the life of your natural lashes, which is usually around 4-6 weeks. Keep in mind however, we can all lose up to 5 natural lashes each day as mature lashes fall out and new ones grow. The longevity of your eyelash extensions are also influenced by many factors including but not limited to; lifestyle, use of make up products, cleansing routine, skin type, and lash growth cycle. By getting an infill every 2-4 weeks, you can maintain the fullness of your lashes indefinitely.

4.What is the difference between false lashes and eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions differ to bar/strip lashes or cluster lashes in that each extension is individually bonded onto one natural lash, strand by strand, and not the eyelid skin, resulting in a much more natural look and feel. Compared to false lashes, eyelash extensions have a much greater longevity, however the extensions attached are somewhat limited to what your natural lashes can handle. Thus if you have naturally fine and short lashes and are used to wearing dramatic fake lashes, please keep in mind the extensions may not give you the impact you are used to.

5. Are eyelash extensions safe and will they damage my natural lashes?

The eyelash extension application is non-invasive and pain-free - the extensions are applied using specialist adhesive and your eyes are closed during the whole process. They are applied to the eyelash and not directly onto the eyelid skin. Having eyelash extensions should not damage your natural lashes provided they are applied correctly, extensions that are suitable for your own lashes are selected, and they are treated with care. The lashes with the extensions attached will shed naturally over a period of 6 weeks and re-generate. If you are getting eyelash extensions over the long term, we always recommend using an eyelash growth serum in conjunction to support healthy lash growth - we recommend and retail Grande Lash MD in-salon.

6. How long does the procedure take?

The initial procedure to attach the lashes takes between 1-2.5 hours for a full set of eyelash extensions depending on the fullness. Infills take between 45 minutes -1.5 hours.

7. Are eyelash extensions right for me?

Our clientele includes women (and a few men) of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, from corporate workers to mums and students. Eyelash extensions are also extremely popular with brides who want to look their best for their wedding right into their honeymoon. Majority of our clients however, are repeat clients who want to roll out of bed looking gorgeous everyday and spend less time getting ready.

Eyelash extensions are not for everyone however...you may not be a suitable candidate for eyelash extensions if you:

  • have had an allergic reaction to eyelash extension adhesive or gel pads in the past
  • have sensitive eyes prone to watering, itching, swelling, or redness
  • have an eye infection or medical condition that impacts your eye and lash health
  • have recently undergone eye surgery or cosmetic eye treatments - eg. LASIK, eyeliner tattoo, lash perm
  • cannot lie still on your back for a long time due to back problems or pregnancy
  • cannot keep your eyes fully closed and still due to light sensitivity, eye shape etc.
  • are unable to follow the advised aftercare eg. using oil based make-up and cleansers which affects longevity of the lashes
  • have unrealistic expectations about eyelash extensions - the thickness and length of extensions that can be applied will be limited to the strength of your natural lashes

8. How do I choose which set is right for me?

The difference between the sets is the number of lashes applied, the duration of the appointment, and the price. The longer the appointment time, the more lashes we are able to apply. A fuller set does not necessary equate to longer and thicker lashes applied, but rather more lashes applied - so in a word, the difference is volume. A greater number of lashes applied means it will stay looking fuller for longer as well - when you lose 10 lashes off a Mini set it will be quite noticeable, where as 10 lashes off a full set would not be so noticeable. Other deciding factors may include whether it is for everyday or a special occasion, your usual eye make-up routine, the volume of your natural lashes, time available and budget.

9. What do I need to do in preparation for an eyelash extension application?

Please ensure all traces of eye make-up is removed with an oil-free cleanser before you arrive for the application. If you choose to get your lashes tinted, they must be done a few days prior to the lash appointment. If you have previously received an eye perm treatment, you will need to wait at least 3 months until the extensions can be applied. Please avoid using an eyelash curler on your lashes on the day of your appointment, and if you are sensitive to caffeine, avoid caffeinated drinks prior. As you cannot get your eye area wet for 24 hours after the application, it may be a good idea to gym, shower or wash your hair beforehand.

10. How do I look after my eyelash extensions?

  • To allow the glue to dry completely, the lashes must not get wet for 24 hours after the application. During this time you should strictly avoid washing your face, swimming, sweat inducing exercise, and touching your new lashes
  • Avoid steam and extreme humidity for 48 hours - this includes hot yoga, sauna/steam room, long hot baths and steam facials
  • Be gentle with your lashes – avoid rubbing your eyes, pulling on your lashes or sleeping face down on them
  • Do not perm the lashes or use an eyelash curler on your lash extensions
  • Use oil-free foaming products to cleanse the eye area - we recommend Tokyo Lashes' own Eyelid and Eyelash cleanser
  • Give the lashes a light brush with the lash brush given to fluff up the lashes and keep them neat
  • Avoid cotton balls/pads/tips where the lint can get caught in the lashes
  • It is vital you keep the lash line clean - ensure you thoroughly cleanse your eye area daily using a foaming cleanser or baby shampoo
  • To maintain the fullness of your lashes, getting an infill every 2-4 weeks is recommended

11. The lashes are falling off quicker than expected. How come?

Some common culprits of lashes not lasting:

  • Oily skin and using skincare products containing oil - lash adhesive doesn't agree with oil! Please use our recommended products to be sure this is not the cause.
  • Lack of cleansing - the eye area is naturally quite oily. Not washing the area means there will be a build up of oils secreted by the skin, and this will not only weaken your lash growth but make the extensions fall off very quickly.
  • Not rinsing off your make upremover - many clients choose to use an eye makeup remover using a pad or a makeup remover wipe. These products contain emollients to avoid drying out your delicate eye area. This film must be washed off afterwards with a foaming cleanser or it will have a similar effect to using an oil product on the eyes.
  • Excessive touching - playing with the lashes is fun but your fingertips contain oil (just look at the screen on your phone or keyboard on your computer) and you are applying oil every time you touch the them. Please leave them alone other than during your daily washing ritual!
  • Lifestyle factors - extensions never last as well on people who regularly sweat it out at the gym, go swimming, do hot yoga etc. You must be prepared to get infills more often than others.
  • Heavy makeup - extensions also never lash as well on people who wear a lot of makeup (especially eye makeup) daily compared to someone who wears little or no makeup. More makeup means more products and more effort to remove everything.
  • Lash cycle - many factors including hormones, season and diet can affect the speed of your lash cycle. It is quite normal that sometimes your lashes naturally shed quicker than other times.
  • Lash design - the extensions selected may be too long and/or too thick for your natural lashes, causing them to twist or fall off prematurely. The design chosen may also not be well supported by how your lashes grow naturally eg. a cat eye styling when the natural lashes on the outer corners are very short and fine. This can be discussed with your stylist at your next appointment.

Please keep in mind it is completely normal and healthy to lose around 3 lashes per day whether you have extensions or not.

12. What is the difference between Classic and Volume lashes?

Volume lashes involve a technique from Russia whereby a fan or bouquet of lashes are created using 2-4 ultra fine extensions. Compared to the Classic technique where one thicker extension is applied on to one natural lash, Volume lashes allow us give a full luscious look even on gappy or sparse lashes. As these lashes are feather light, it will give your lashes a soft, fluffy look and still weigh less than one thick extension, hence not damaging to your natural lashes. With this new technique, the number of lashes applied will no longer be limited to the number of your natural lashes - they can be doubled, tripled or quadrupled! Tokyo Lashes is one of the first salons to be qualified to offer Russian volume lashes in Melbourne. Please note, not all of our stylists offer the Volume service.


1. What is a Lash Lift and would it be better than getting Eyelash Extensions for me?

The Lash Lift is a new age lash perm that lifts your natural lashes from the roots, giving the appearance of longer lashes and instantly opening up your eyes. This treatment is ideal if you have moderately thick and strong lashes, have straight or downward pointing lashes, dislike using eyelash curlers or the lashes don't stay curled, find eyelash extensions too high maintenance or find that they never last well on you, or wish to continue using eye makeup including mascara and oil based skincare. The effect lasts for the cycle of your natural lashes - up to 6 weeks. The Lash Lift is a great option if you are happy with your natural lashes but simply want them lifted and more noticeable. However they will not give you the added length, thickness/volume or definition that eyelash extensions can.

2. Can anyone get them done, and how often can I get the Lash Lift treatment done?

Please refer to Question 7 in the Eyelash Extensions FAQ. To add to this, you cannot get a Lash Lift if you are sensitive or allergic to the perm solution, are pregnant or your lashes are extremely short or fine - it may cause the lashes to frizz.  If you wish to maintain the lift, we recommend getting the treatment redone every 6-8 weeks.

3. Can I get Eyelash Extensions after my lashes have been lifted?

We do not recommend getting eyelash extensions whilst the lashes are strongly lifted. When the base is lifted and there is not a large surface to adhere the extensions to, we find the extensions do not last well. Also, as the lashes grow out at various speeds, the extensions can tend to look unruly, hence it is best to wait until they have grown back to its natural state.


1. Can I just book over the phone? Why do I have to book online?

We take all our bookings online for several reasons:

  • It means our clients can schedule their appointments 24/7 even outside of our opening hours
  • It is more efficient and a time saver for both us and the clients and reduces human errors and double bookings
  • We are able to keep our service prices more affordable as it eliminates the need for a receptionist
  • It means we can put all our focus onto treating our clients in front of us, without leaving the client every few minutes to answer incoming calls
  • We are able to reserve our limited slots to clients who are organised and committed to their appointment

2. I don't have a Paypal account, can I still book online?

Most definitely! Paypal accepts payment by credit and debit card without having to sign up for an account.

3. I'm not very computer savvy, can I book another way?

We prefer clients to book online but you can book at the salon by paying a deposit in person. If we are with a client however, we cannot always guarantee that we will be able to attend to you straight away. Many clients choose to schedule their next appointment at the end of their first appointment, eliminating the online scheduling process for onward bookings.

4. What is your cancellation policy? How do I get my deposit back?

For cancellation or changes made within 24 hours: Please let us know by text that you will need to cancel and reschedule your next appointment online if you wish to come back another day - we are unable to refund the deposit nor transfer it towards the next appointment.

For cancellation or changes made with over 24 hours notice:
You are able to change the appointment day/time yourself online. If the appointment needs to be cancelled altogether, the deposit amount minus $0.30 Paypal fee will be refunded. Please see the excerpt below from the Paypal website to find out where the refund will go:

Where is my refund sent to?

How your money is refunded depends on how you made the original payment.

If you paid with a credit card, the money is refunded to your card. If the card you paid with is closed or invalid, please contact the issuing bank, as the money will still be refunded to your credit card account.
If you paid with your bank or PayPal account balance, the money is refunded to your PayPal account balance. After you have received the refund, you can withdraw money from your PayPal balance to your bank account or use the money for future purchases through PayPal.
If you paid using a credit card and your PayPal account balance, the amount paid by the credit card is refunded to your card. The remaining amount is refunded to your PayPal account balance.
If you paid using PayPal Credit, the amount is refunded to your PayPal Credit account.
If you paid with a debit card, the amount is refunded to your debit card. If the refund cannot be processed to your debit card, it will be applied to your PayPal balance.
Refunds to credit or debit cards can take up to 10 days depending on the card company involved.