Why we only infill our own work

As of this year, I have made the decision to stop infilling work from other salons. I wanted to make it clear to our future clients why we now kindly decline to refill others' work, as I don’t want it to come across as snobbery or a scheme to milk money from potential clients – it couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are many talented lash specialists out there who create beautiful, clean sets of lashes. Unfortunately, there are just as many careless technicians who have no regard for their client’s lash health and take no pride in their work. From past experience, majority of the times that a client has come from another salon, it has been less than satisfactory work that I’ve had problems infilling.


The common problems are:

  • Too much glue
  • Lashes are not isolated and several lashes are clumped together
  • The synthetic lashes used are super thick, long, and coarse
  • Client's natural lashes are damaged and extremely sparse or 'gappy'
  • Bad styling of extensions where the same length lashes are used throughout the set
  • The client thought they had individual eyelash extensions applied, but they were actually cluster lashes


When a client with an existing set from elsewhere books in for a 60 minute infill with me, I have no idea what their lashes look like until the day of the appointment. When the set turns out to be like one of the cases shown above, I simply cannot infill that work. Oftentimes, I cannot even get my lash brush or tweezers through them. One hour is also not enough time to completely remove and re-apply a new full set. As a solely run business, my availability is limited and I cannot afford to book out a few hours in anticipation of a bad job each time either. I hate to turn away clients or have them leaving without the fluffy full set of lashes they were expecting. Hence, these factors have lead me to kindly decline infilling the work of others and offering my infills exclusively to Tokyo Lashes customers.

Having said that, if you have had damaging, poorly applied eyelash extensions from another salon, we are more than happy to look after you! Please book in for a removal and your choice of a new set via www.tokyolashes.fullslate.com

As a Tokyo Lashes customer, you can expect consistent results each time using the best supplies, from a specialist that takes pride in her work and cares for your natural lashes.





What is the difference between acrylic, silk, mink and human hair lashes?

We often get asked what type of lashes we use, as there is a lot of confusion between the difference types out there and their quality. Broadly speaking, there are three types of lashes – synthetic/acrylic, faux silk and mink, and real mink and real human hair lashes.

Synthetic lashes, also known as acrylic lashes, are generally the term used to describe thicker lashes (0.20mm thickness and above) that come in loose form in bags or small pots. These are the type of lashes that most of us trained with before other options became available. They are usually coarser, shinier, and heavier compared to the other types of lashes and produce the most dramatic result. These types of lashes tend to have the ‘fake’ lashes look, and are becoming less popular, but many salons still use them as they are the cheapest option.

The term ‘silk and mink lashes’ is often confused for being composed of actual silk and mink fibres, but they are both made from synthetic fibres called PBT (polybutylene-terephthalate). The characteristics that differentiate silk and mink are their tapering (how fine the lashes are shaped towards the tip), their weight, and their finish. In most cases silk is less tapered, lightweight, with a glossier finish; whilst mink lashes are more tapered, ultra lightweight, and has a matte finish. From our experience however, the features and quality of both faux silk and mink lashes depends greatly on the brand of lashes, as the term is used quite loosely and the characteristics described above can be reversed depending on the manufacturer.

Finally, real mink and human hairs are considered to be the finest type of eyelash extensions as they are natural fibres that are more exotic and rare. A set applied with this option is often charged at a premium price. Although they are indeed very soft, light, and natural looking, there are cons to using these fibres - it is difficult to verify whether the hairs are ethically sourced, and truly sterile. Also, as it is a natural hair, they do not retain their shape well over time.

At Tokyo Lashes, we have tested many types of lashes from different suppliers and use only the best faux silk and mink lashes on our customers.  We find that the silk and mink lashes are available in the widest range of curls, length, and width to suit all needs, retain their curl superbly, and have the most natural look and feel. Text 0411 281 029 for an appointment, and experience the difference on yourself!


What are Russian Volume lashes?

Russian volume lashes also known as 3D volume is the latest trend to take the eyelash extension industry by storm. As the name suggests the technique originates from Russia, where lash pioneers created a bouquet of lashes, fanning out two or more lashes and placing them on to a single natural lash to create the fullest sets that were unprecedented with classic style extensions. Prior to this, it was frowned upon to attach more than one extension onto one natural lash, as it would weigh down the lash and compromise the health of lashes over time. The Russian technique uses specialised eyelash extensions that are of a mere 0.07mm diameter (sometimes even 0.05mm) to make this possible without damaging the natural lashes. Before these lashes were introduced, most technicians were typically using extensions of 0.15mm or 0.20mm width for the 1 on 1 classic style.

The volume eyelash extensions are very different to cluster lashes or flares, where multiple lashes are pre-fanned and come already bonded at the base – these types of lashes fall more into the false strip lash category, and are applied on to your eyelid. The Russian volume extensions are all hand made on the spot – your technician makes each bouquet, carefully fanning out multiple lashes using their tweezers right before attaching them to your lashes. The procedure is very delicate and much more intricate than classic extensions; absolute precision is a necessity.

The term 2D, 3D, 6D etc. in the volume technique is used to describe how many lashes are in the fan or bouquet of lashes. 3D means 3 lashes are placed onto one natural lash; 6D means 6 lashes, and so on.

How fans for the Russian volume lashes are made

How fans for the Russian volume lashes are made

So the big question is, how can placing so many lashes not cause damage? Utilising 0.07mm width lashes, a 3D fan is equivalent to one 0.12mm lash. Therefore, it in fact places less strain and weight on the natural lash than the 0.15mm lashes that are most often used in classic lash extensions. One 6D fan is equivalent to one 0.20mm lash, hence these sets are recommended for clients with strong lashes to begin with.

The main benefit of the volume technique is that, it has made it possible to give full, voluminous sets of lashes even if you have sparse, fine lashes naturally. Compared to classic extensions, the finish is much softer, fluffier, and multi dimensional. Due to the light weight of the extensions, it has been known to last longer than classic extensions on some clients.

As the Russian volume sets become more popular, some salons have been offering the service without any training. We have had clients come in with multiple 0.15mm lashes stacked on top of each other. This is not the proper volume technique and can seriously damage your natural lashes! Please do your research and only choose qualified and experienced technicians to apply your volume set on you. At MARICO Salon Melbourne (Tokyo Lashes), our stylists are trained by Mariko who is a renown volume trainer in Japan with award winning students. Experience this amazing technique at Tokyo Lashes by calling/texting 0411 281 029; you’ll soon be a convert!

How to keep your lashes clean

After your beautiful set of eyelash extensions are applied, you will often hear your lash stylist telling you not to get them wet for 24 hours and to avoid touching them unnecessarily.  This is to allow enough time for the adhesive to fully dry/cure and to avoid premature fallouts.

However, some ladies take this advice too far and hardly ever get their lashes wet, nor wash them (yuk!)!

Dirty lashline! -  Photo courtesy of LashesbyMichelle

Dirty lashline! -  Photo courtesy of LashesbyMichelle

We often see clients with build up of glug (dead skin, oils, make up residue) on their lash line, which not only is unhygienic, but also takes away from your allocated appointment time for applying lashes as time is wasted cleaning your lashes instead. Clogged lash follicles can also mean weaker natural lashes growing through, higher risk of infections and sensitivities developing towards products, and shorter life of extensions as oil build up on the lashes causes the extensions to fall out sooner. With that, today’s post will be about how to clean your eyelashes properly and recommended cleansers for doing so.

At Tokyo Lashes, we strongly recommend foaming or lathering cleansers over wipes or liquid removers using cotton pads and tips. Why? The lint fibres from cotton tips and pads often get stuck in the lashes and can pull out the extensions. Using your hands and fingers will avoid this. Secondly, whilst they do a good job of removing the make up off the eyelid, they never get deep enough to cleanse the lashline thoroughly.

Some oil free foaming cleansers recommended are:

-Baby shampoo

-Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser

-Sterilid (available from pharmacists)

-QV wash


-Effaclar by La Roche-Posay (available from Priceline)


Wet your face with lukewarm water. Put a small dollop of the cleanser on your hand and work into a lather. Alternatively, use a foam pump (available from Daiso) with pre-diluted solution.

Using your fingertips, work the foam right into the lashline.

Rinse with lukewarm water.

Pat dry and allow lashes to dry naturally.

Once lashes are dry, the mascara wand given can be used to gently brush and groom the lashes.

This ‘washing of lashes’ does not need to be an added step in your skincare routine. If you are happy to use the products listed above on the rest of your face, this can be incorporated into your daily face wash routine. It can be done in the shower (just don’t put your face directly under the shower stream) or over a sink. Do this everyday or every second day at minimum, and always make sure they’re squeaky clean before every lash appointment. It really couldn't be any more simple.




Bridal Eyelash Extensions for your Wedding day

Photo Courtesy of Xtreme Lashes

Photo Courtesy of Xtreme Lashes

As the weather warms up in Melbourne and wedding season approaches, today’s post is for all the brides-to-be!

Eyelash extensions are perfect for general everyday wear, but they are ever so popular amongst brides for several reasons. 

Firstly, they look great in photos. As you will have more photographs of yourself taken than any other day in your life, you want to ensure you’re camera ready. Eyelash extensions can open up and define your eyes in a way that no amount of mascara can achieve, and you don’t have to worry about the heavy look of bar lashes or the base lifting off from strip lashes.

Secondly, your wedding is bound to be an emotional day for you. With eyelash extensions, you can tear up without worrying about mascara running down your face. They can continue to look full and luscious, right into your honeymoon.

Eyelash extensions are suitable not only for the bride but for the entire bridal party. As they can be worn by women of all ages and the looks are fully customisable to the individual, the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride/groom can also enjoy beautiful full lashes. It can be a great gift idea to show gratitude for the all their support.

If you have never worn eyelash extensions before and are planning on getting them for your special day we recommend that you plan ahead – getting a full set of lashes right before your wedding day would not be a smart idea.  Just like how you would get a make up trial, getting your lashes well before the wedding date will ensure your lash stylist understands the exact look you’re after. Also, you want to make sure you have no sensitivities or reaction to the products.

Getting the initial full set 5 weeks before the big day is ideal. A refill 2-3 weeks after the full set gives you an opportunity to tell your stylist if you would like to make any adjustments to the length, styling, thickness etc. Lastly, a final touch up a few days prior to your wedding day will ensure you have the fullest lashes for the day.

The most popular sets for brides are the full set ($159) and the new Russian volume sets ($200-250). These sets will give you the fullest and most stunning effect.


If you are looking to get your lashes done for your special day, please book early to avoid disappointment – call/text Asao on 0411 281 029.

Insight into long lasting lashes

Contrary to popular belief it is not solely up to your lash artist’s technique and their glue that determines the longevity of your lashes – long lasting and damage free lash extensions requires team work on the client’s part post treatment. Here are some factors that will influence the life of your new lashes:

Getting the lashes wet – lashes should not get wet for a minimum of 6 hours (preferably 24 hours) after each appointment. Showering and washing your hair beforehand is a good idea to eliminate the chances of wetting the lashes.

Active lifestyle – gym, hot yoga, and swimming enthusiasts are likely to lose their lashes faster due to the stress placed on the lashes from sweat, steam and water.

Work environment – someone with a highly active job or exposed to a humid environment such as chefs, are likely to lose their lashes faster as the adhesive doesn’t favour strong humidity.

Lash growth cycle – hormones, the stage of your lash growth cycle, and some medication may affect the state of your natural lashes, which will in turn affect how long the extensions will stay on. If your lashes are going through a weak/brittle lash stage, applying a lash serum may help.

Make up routine – if you cannot ditch the mascara, wear waterproof eye make up that is difficult to remove, or stiff lash line tugging eyeliner, chances are lashes will be lost every time you apply and try to remove these products from your eye area. Avoid mascara and waterproof eyeliner for cleaner longer lasting lashes.

Skin type and cleansing routine – the adhesive used for eyelash extensions does not react well with oils, which is why oil-free cleansers are always recommended. Oil blotting paper and powder may help those with naturally oily complexions that find the extensions aren’t lasting as long as they should.  Ensure the eye area is gently cleansed with a water-based cleanser daily; preferably a lathering type using your fingers to avoid getting any lint from cotton pads/tips caught in the lashes.

Other habits - Frequently touching the lashes, rubbing the eyes, sleeping on your face or on one side of the face will also affect how fast the lashes will shed.


Realistically, we can not expect you to change your lifestyle and habits for eyelash extensions, but please bear in mind that many factors outside of your lash stylist’s control affects the longevity of your lashes.

Remember to schedule an infill every 2-4 weeks to ensure your lashes always look full and lush!

What should I look for when choosing a lash salon?

We realise there are hundreds of lash salons to choose from in most capital cities, and sifting through all of them in search of the 'best' one can get daunting. Most of us have heard of horror stories of someone who's had a bad lash experience. Here are some key points you should consider when searching for a lash salon, so you don't become a victim of poorly applied eyelash extensions!

Poorly applied lashes from another salon...painful, clumpy and twisted!

Poorly applied lashes from another salon...painful, clumpy and twisted!

Qualification and experience - nowadays most eyelash extension supplies can be purchased by anyone through eBay and the basic skills of applying eyelash extensions can be learned on Youtube. In fact, anyone can apply lashes.. but it takes years of practice to do it well and in a safe manner. It is recommended that you look for a stylist that has continual training as well. The products and techniques have come a long way since the introduction of eyelash extensions more than a decade ago.

Specialist - eyelash extensions have become so popular in the last few years that most beauty salons and even some nail salons and hairdressers now offer the service. The potential problem with offering lashes in addition to their existing broad range of treatments is that, they don't do it often enough to build their skill set. It's also likely that their product turnover is low and that they may be using outdated, stiff lashes and old glue. This will affect not only the look and feel of the lashes but the longevity and safety. Choosing someone that specialises in eyelash extensions increases the chances of picking a stylist that: has applied hundreds of sets; stocks a wide range of current products to suit your natural lashes and desired look; and is dedicated to perfecting their craft.

Photos - if a lash stylist applies lashes frequently, and they are proud of their work, they should be making photos of their own work available to view. Beware of websites that only display stock images.. it's a telltale sign that they either don't do many sets, or their work is not up to standard. When photos are available, look for lashes that do not look clumpy, are styled well using a variety of lengths, and are not too long or spidery. 

Price - last but definitely not least! We all love a bargain, but with lashes, what you pay for is what you get. Price alone should never be the sole determinant when choosing a place. If a place is advertising their full sets for $50 when others are charging $100 and above, ask yourself why. Maybe they are inexperienced. Perhaps they use inferior products. Their 'full set' may consist of very few lashes and be done in 30 minutes. They may be using cluster lashes or flares, otherwise known as 'express lashes' and wrongly advertising it as semi permanent eyelash extensions. Either way, please do your research and don't risk the safety to your eyes or damaging your natural lashes.

Does your lash stylist fit the bill? If you've had a bad experience with eyelash extensions in the past, or are a newbie to lashes, please remember not all lash salons are created equal! For simply stunning, damage free lashes applied by a lash specialist, book with Tokyo Lashes today on 0411 281 029.

Our work at Tokyo Lashes...soft, full, clump free lashes every time!

Our work at Tokyo Lashes...soft, full, clump free lashes every time!